Spring classic League

wed doubles sweeper
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Please return the completed flier directly to Kenmore Lanes or contact Dashia Schoolcraft at 425-486-5555 ext. 1  to include a team on the Spring Classic League.





Here are our Fall Leagues

Senior Leagues

Start Date TBD
Practice 10 AM
Scoring 10:30 AM
4 Person Teams
Handicap 90% of 215
Open to both men and women with no make up to your team.  Come on down and start your day with a fun energetic 50+ league.  Bring your buddy’s or your gal pals.  Just come on down.  A league that won’t disappoint.  Have breakfast or lunch and hang out with all your friends.

These SEniors LIke to Start early!
  • Stay for Lunch after bowling!  Ladies Senior League
    2 Person Teams
  • Practice 9:45 am Start 10 am
  • Begin TBD
  • Secretary Peggy LaFrance
Sr master league
secretary john Cannon

3 person teams

4 games each week
Runs 32 weeks
Starts TBD
Practice: 10:45 am, start bowling at 11 am

Silver liners
secretary Barb Dines

Beginning Sept 1
Practice 11;45 am
Start time: noon
Type of league:  Mixed 4 Senior
League is Sanctioned.

This League is for seniors who like to bowl for fun, exercise and socializing.

Monday Senior League
Secretary Margie Roe

Starts Monday Aug 30th
Practice 11;45 am, start bowling at 12 noon.-  Sanctioned.
This league is for Seniors who are looking for something to do for fun, exercise and socialization.

Fall Leagues

Sunday alternatives

Only 17 weeks.. Because the weekend Should never end!

Sunday’s Mixed 4 person teams
Start  TBD
Meeting on the first night of bowling at 6pm.
Practice Time 6:30 pm
Start Time 6:45pm
League Bowls every other Sunday
Nice Prize Fund!

Early monday Night Mixers

Begins Monday Sept 13th
Warm up at 6:30 pm
Scoring at 6:40 pm
4 Person Mixed Team with at least one woman and one man.
Handicap is 90% of 220
7 Point System

Come and catch Monday Night Football with us while bowling in this fun and energetic bowling league.  We have HDTV’s every few pair of lanes so you won’t miss a minute of the game!

salmon Bay mixers

5 person teams consisting of at least 1 man and 1 woman
Starts TBD
Practice at 6;45pm
Weekends to short?  Then come bowl on Monday night and talk about all the fun you had during the weekend.  This is a fun mixed league, suitable for everyone.


Begins Tuesday Sept 7th
Meeting first night at 6:30pm
7pm practice
14 weeks
Handicap 90% of 225
Cost last session $20 a week
Position round each game

Swiss Style Format League, with a step ladder final each night.  Top 3 teams for under 25 teams, top 4 over 25 teams.  Payouts each night and on the last night of bowling.

Sherwood Four Mixed Bowling league

Starts TBD
Warm ups at 6:45pm
Scoring 7pm
4 person teams
With one of each sex required per team
4 point scoring
Handicapped 100% of 225

Gary Pautz Petroleum

Begins TBD
Meeting TBD
Practice Time 6;30pm
Start Time 6;45 pm
5 Person Sanctioned
Match Point League
Cost Last Year $21

Spring Green Lawn Care Bowling League

Starts Sept 11th
Warm up at 5:45 pm
Scoring at 6pm
Bowl Every other Saturday
4 Person Teams
Teams must have 1 man and 1 woman
Handicap 90% of 200

Saturday Night Nuts League

Start TBD
Warm up at 5;45 pm
Scoring at 6pm
Bowls every other Saturday
Handicap 90% of 220
Take the holiday week off!
This is a 4 person mixed handicap league.  This fun group of energetic people really knows how to have a good time. Join then every other week for a night like no other.

Nite Owls

Start  Sept 2nd
Meeting at 6pm before bowling
Practice Time 7pm
Match play with handicap
Nice prize fund.. Sign up now!

Hump Day League

Start Date TBD
Meeting TBD
Practice Time 6:45pm
Start Time 7pm
5 Person Mixed
Nope it’s not the weekend yet so don’t be confused.  This is a Wednesday night league that knows how to have fun!  Budweiser is a long time partner in bowling with Bud Construction League.

Thursday rollers

Begins TBD
Meeting TBD
Match Play
Practice at 6:45pm
Start at 7pm
100 % of 220 Handicap max of 70 pins per bowler.
Team cap of 840

Competitive yet fun, this league has no boundary’s at $20 per bowler each week, the prize fund is great.  Feel like taking on the big guns?  Then come try this league out!

Friday Night Mixers

Secretary Vicki Boser
Starts TBD
Practice 6:45 pm
Start bowling at 7pm
Type: Mixed 4’s
Cash prizes at the end of the year.  This is a sanctioned league.  Meeting Aug 29th at 7pm.

How about a fun night of bowling to start your weekend off.  Then here is a league with few openings so sign up soon to hold your spot.  Only a limited amount of teams will be accepted.

Gutterball Express

Begins Sept 11th
Time 6pm
Practice 5:45 pm
This is a mixed 4 person team that is handicapped and sanctioned through USBC
High energetic league that bowls every other Saturday night.  Come and hang and have a blast on Saturday night.

Happy Hookers

Starts Thursday Sept 9th
Practice at 6:45 pm
Start Bowling at 7pm
Match Play
Mixed 4 person teams

Get ready for a night of fun, friends and a lot of laughter.  This high energy, upbeat league has everything that a great night out away from the house is suppose to be.  It’s mixed 4 person teams make for the right social experience.  Don’t wait to sign up, yo many not get it!

Sleepy mom’s

Starts TBD
Doubles Handicap Ladies Non Sanctioned
Cost last Year $11
For all you ladies that like to get up early and get your blood pumping.  This is a fun ladies doubles league that starts at 9:15 am

Little league Bowling

Starts TBD
Practice at 5;45pm
This is a 4 person, mixed league including 1 woman and 1 man.  The handicap is 90% 200.  Come and have fun with this wild group of bowlers.  
USBC Sanctioned.

Saturday Morning Junior League

New Bowlers Welcome To Join Anytime!  Ages 4-19
$ 8 per week includes coaching, scholarship opportunities and awards.

Fall Winter Session  TBD